Treasury Services

Saman has a wide branch network and international correspondent bank network and offers a vast range of international banking services.

Short-term Deposits in Foreign Currency

Standard Short-term Deposit

A standard short-term deposit account in a foreign currency of your choice entitles you to all the banking services you require. You can deposit, withdraw, transfer money and make use of our electronic banking services. Withdrawals can be made at any of our branches. This account pays no interest.

Premium Short-term Deposit

This account can be opened for specific short-term periods of one, two, three, six, nine or 12 months. Interest is paid on your deposit, with the interest rate varying depending on the term of the deposit.

Interest-Free Savings Account in Foreign Currency

Opening this account requires no opening deposit. You are still able to enjoy all of the features of a bank account including deposit, withdrawal and transfer facilities, as well as some online banking services. Withdrawals from this account can be made at any Saman branch. This account pays no interest.

Foreign Currency Accounts and Deposits for International Customers

Foreign citizens with a valid residence permit in Iran can open any type of Saman foreign currency account. International companies and institutions registered in Iran and their official representative offices approved by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, as well as those holding NGO licenses from the Ministry of the Interior and foreign political missions (embassies) are all eligible to open interest-free savings or short-term investment savings accounts in the foreign currency of their choice.

Foreign Exchange

Anybody can benefit from Saman exchange services, even if they are not a customer of our bank.

Buying foreign currency from Saman Bank

You can buy foreign currency in all Saman branches, in compliance with Central Bank of Iran rules and regulations.
Selling foreign currency to Saman Bank
While observing AML rules, Saman Bank buys four international currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AED at the official exchange rates and in compliance with Central Bank of Iran rules and regulations.

Travel Money

Customers are able to obtain an equivalent of US$300 once a year at the official exchange rate. To do so, just go to any Saman branch prior to your departure, before 13:30 Saturday to Wednesday and before 11:30 on Thursdays.


Saman helps students studying overseas to buy foreign currency to pay their tuition fees and living costs. To qualify, you must be studying towards a master’s degree or higher and have received no scholarship or studentship. Application forms can be completed at any Saman branch by yourself or an immediate family member (parent, spouse) or attorney (notarised power of attorney required).

International Payment Orders

In line with CBI regulations, Saman Bank can issue money orders through one of correspondent banks within very short time periods. Payment orders issued by Saman international or domestic correspondent banks will be paid into your account immediately via SWIFT channel. All current and new customers are eligible to make use of this service in all Saman branches as per rules and regulations.

Certificate of Financial Standing

You may need a certificate of financial standing to obtain a visa or gain admission to universities in many countries. Saman Financial Standing Certificate is a valid certificate which confirms the balance and turnover of your Saman accounts as well as their equivalent value in the foreign currency of your choice. You can apply for a Financial Standing Certificate to be issued in Persian or in English.
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