SME Treasury Services

Saman has one of the largest correspondent banking networks among the Iranian banks. Our SME customers are able to open accounts in the foreign currency of their choice, register their orders and apply for promissory notes, international money orders and various types of guarantee letters in foreign currencies, and benefit from all of the banking services they need to ensure a successful international business presence.

Foreign Currency Account

Customers can open current accounts in US$, euros, sterling and UAE dirham.

Foreign Currency Accounts for International Corporate Customers

International companies and institutions registered overseas and their official representative offices as approved by the Iranian Foreign Ministry,and those holding NGO licenses from the Ministry of the Interior as well as foreign political missions (embassies) are eligible to open accounts in the foreign currency of their choice.

L/C for Imports

L/C is the most common payment tool in international trade. Saman is able to open different types of L/Cs on your behalf and provides the necessary facilities. In compliance with Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran rules and regulations, Currently, two major types of L/C can be opened in Saman: Sight L/C, Termed L/C

L/C for Exports

Exporters are encouraged to receive the value of their exported commodities through L/C. Saman is able to trade these L/Cs and provide assistance for the exporters throughout the process.

Documentary Credit Draft

A documentary credit draft is an international payment method used by importers and exporters alike. Saman is able to register and trade your drafts, facilitating the process for you to cash them through its correspondent banking network.

International Money Orders

In line with CBI regulations, Saman Bank can issue money orders through one of our correspondent banks within very short time periods. Payment orders issued by Saman international or domestic correspondent banks will be paid into your account immediately upon receipt of the SWIFT message. All current and new customers are eligible to make use of this service in all Saman branches.

Guarantee Bonds in Foreign

CurrenciesGuarantee bonds are tools to guarantee the execution of international contracts. Saman issues various types of guarantee documents, facilitating international trade.

Advance Payment Bond

Some contracts require a partial advance payment. In these instances, a guarantee bond is required to ensure repayment of the advanced in the event the agreement is not fulfilled.

Performance Bond

Saman issues performance bondsas a guarantee of satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor or exporter. In the event the contractor fails to complete the project satisfactorily, the Bank will pay the performance bond to the beneficiary party upon their request.

Bid Bond

Many bids and tenders come with a required minimum bid bond to ensure all bidders genuinely intend to follow up with their bid.
Saman issues bid bonds for its Corporate Clients.

Currency Exchange

In compliance with the relevant regulations, foreign currency is supplied by Saman in the following categories:

Travel, students, health, sabbatical, transfer of foreign investment incomes, import of goods and services.
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