Think Big

We offer a selection of bespoke solutions and services to cater for the professional needsThinkBig of different groups of small to medium-sized enterprises. Whether you have just established your business or are thinking of expanding, Saman bank will provide you with expert assistance all the way. Extensive credit, insurance, investment and foreign currency services are available to suit all types of business, of any volume.

Treasury Services

Small to medium-sized businesses have access to a comprehensive range of treasury services including import and export L/Cs, different guarantee bonds and documents, drafts and money orders to boost and expand their businesses.


Protect your business against risks with Saman Insurance. Saman offers the best coverage for small to medium-sized businesses in the fields of liability insurance, freight insurance, fire insurance, health insurance, engineering insurance, credit insurance and retirement insurance.

Credit Lines for Different Business Groups

Saman has designed special credit packages for different trades and guilds. These include health professionals, jewellers, food and grocery retailers, construction materials retailers and more. Stock exchange brokers and businesses that utilise use Saman POS systems are eligible for special credit and loan packages at preferential rates.