Correspondent Banking Relationship

Correspondent banking relationships are agreements between financial institutions to carry out transactions on each other’s behalf. Correspondent banking plays an important role in the processing of payment transactions. Saman Bank places a high value on the importance of correspondent banking. Our team of expert relationship and product managers provides innovative and tailor-made solutions to our network of correspondent banks.

Correspondent banking is not without risk. Not all banks and financial institutions have adequate policies and procedures in place to combat financial crimes. Risk in correspondent banking can relate both to a bank’s monitoring and reporting systems in general and the payment services in particular. Certain jurisdictions have inadequate anti-money laundering and terrorism financing standards and our client must be adhering to robust standards in this issues.

All correspondent banks are required to undergo an appropriate due diligence. Saman Bank is willing to enter into a correspondent banking relationship with financial institutions which comply with adequate measures of Due Diligence  policies, procedures and systems; essentially identifying their customers and analyzing the financial activities leading to increase money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

any  that maintains due diligence  and controls to  identify and also  that lead to decrease AML/CFT risk.

If intended to establish banking relationships with us, kindly send your request along with the filled out AML questionnaire to inta [at] sb24 [dot] com