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Saman pioneer in developing green banking

Jun 22, 2019 11:00 AM Date

Saman financial group initiates new ways to reduce paper consumption in its POS terminals to fulfill its social responsibilities regarding green banking.

According to a report by the public relations office, Saman Bank and Saman Electronic Payment Co. have adopted four new methods alongside infrastructures like internet and mobile banking to contribute to environmental protection through cutting down paper usage.


First, the length of POS receipts has been reduced by 30 percent after a new update to their software. Second, upon POS owner’s approval, printing the second receipts have been canceled by 50 percent on Saman Bank devices.

The first receipt that belongs to the customer would be displayed on device’s screen instead of being printed, as the third initiative. This idea has been suggested for micro transactions as the most common transaction made by POS devices. However, there would be an option for printing the receipt. Technical and executive consultations are underway for this option.   



The last invention would be providing receipts for both owner and customer via a mobile application, which would be launched soon.

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