Saman Bank introduces ‘Tourist Card’

May 9, 2018 1:00 PM

Tourist Card is Saman’s new service for tourists visiting Iran to help them feel more comfortable while staying in the country.

Saman Bank, as one of the key financial institutes in providing services like travel exchange, student exchange, medical exchange and business exchange, has launched “Tourist Card” to serve the needs of tourists during their visit to Iran.
The card could be issued for the tourists without opening an account with a sum up to 5mn Rials. However, with opening an account, the tourists would be able to change the desired sum of money and have it in the account in Rials.
‘Tourist Card’ could be used for all shopping and e-commerce purposes.
According to Central Bank of Iran and ALM the exchange is also possible in cash up to 1.000 USD or Euros as well as 3000 AED Dirham for every tourist each time he/she demands it.
For further information please contact Saman Information Center: (+98) 21-6422


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